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NZ Barista Championship Finals

Today saw a great number of coffee lovers come together to perform, taste and appreciate great coffee. Hosted in the classy C4 roastery in Christchurch with a great atmosphere all day long.

C4 Roastery

The day started at 10am for the competitors with their briefing from Emma – after a quick reminder of the does and dont’s, it was then straight into practice time.

The event was initiated with the opening welcome from the NZCRA president, Chris Dillon. After a few sponsor mentions and the introduction of the judges, it was time for the calibration performance from Lawry Trewavas of Espresso 2 Go.

The competitors then competed in the following order

Robert Hulse – Planet EspressoRob Hulse

Frank Hsu – Mojo CoffeeFrank Hsu

Hideyuki Kono – Vivace EspressoHide Kono

Carl Sara – Muffin BreakCarl Sara

David Huang – Espresso WorkshopDavid Huang

Nik Bruce-Smith – Muffin BreakNik

Nick Clark – Mojo CoffeeNick Clark

Richard Legg – Sage CafeRichard Legg


Convener: Chris White-Altura Coffee 

Head Judge: Emma Markland Webster-Atomic Coffee Roasters

Tech 1: David Burton-Burton’s
Tech 2: Andrew Feldon-Streetwise Coffee

Sensory 1: Scott Pepler-Cerebos Gregg’s
Sensory 2: Jessica Godfrey-Caffe L’affare
Sensory 3: Brydon Price-Atomic Coffee Roasters
Sensory 4: Justin Metcalf-Somewhere in Aussie….


After a long day the finalists were announced at 5:30pm. Each and every one of the competitors did an amazing job, they are to all be commended highly – it is not an easy thing to get up in front of 7 Judges and a roastery full of people – well done.


3rd David Huang – Espresso Workshop

2nd Hide Kono – Vivace Espresso

1st Carl Sara – Muffin BreakChampion Comradeship
Barista Champion - Carl Sara

Carl Sara and Ninja


The full set of photos (approx 450) is available on CD for $25 – email me hans (at)

Auckland Barista Championship Photo’s

Here they are, I have a few here so please wait for them to load.

Championship EquipmentTafa DosingTafa preparing Sig BevTafa PresentingHans Presenting to JudgesHans\' RoutineBen\'s Signature PresentationCarl (MC) SaraFirst CompetitorSignature Preperation (Pastel Y)Cappuccino PresentationPresenting to JudgesJess HollisSignature Preperation (Blue)Orange LionSignature Beverage (Orange) IWatchful Chris WhiteTable Presentation IITable PresentationLui and CarlShot PouringSignature Preperation (Whip)Table Presentation ICappuccino PourTamp PressShot PullingCompetitor w/ HatSignature Beverage (Wine)Test Tube TastingSignature Beverage OrientalTampingGreen Tea???TastingShot Pouring ISignature Preperation (V)Carl SaraRyan Clarke

Images are also available at:


Hope this entertains for now!

I have since decided that I am 90% sure I will make the finals in Wellington and rest assured – there will be many a photo if i make it.

Take it easy,