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Auckland Barista Championship Photo’s

Here they are, I have a few here so please wait for them to load.

Championship EquipmentTafa DosingTafa preparing Sig BevTafa PresentingHans Presenting to JudgesHans\' RoutineBen\'s Signature PresentationCarl (MC) SaraFirst CompetitorSignature Preperation (Pastel Y)Cappuccino PresentationPresenting to JudgesJess HollisSignature Preperation (Blue)Orange LionSignature Beverage (Orange) IWatchful Chris WhiteTable Presentation IITable PresentationLui and CarlShot PouringSignature Preperation (Whip)Table Presentation ICappuccino PourTamp PressShot PullingCompetitor w/ HatSignature Beverage (Wine)Test Tube TastingSignature Beverage OrientalTampingGreen Tea???TastingShot Pouring ISignature Preperation (V)Carl SaraRyan Clarke

Images are also available at:


Hope this entertains for now!

I have since decided that I am 90% sure I will make the finals in Wellington and rest assured – there will be many a photo if i make it.

Take it easy,