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…it’s been a while…

Wow, you get so caught up in other things and then come back and realise, I haven’t posted on this blog in months – sorry there hasn’t been anything new for a while. With the New Zealand Barista Championships starting tomorrow in Wellington, it has prompted me to refresh my blog. So here it is…

2009 Barista Championship


So, Wellington competitors are ready to roll, starting 9am tomorrow morning at Caffe L’affare in College Street, all the best to you all! These competitions always bring a great excitement to the New Zealand coffee scene, it’s an immense buzz that seems to last a good six months, bring on more industry events I say!

I have been prepping  a bit lately for these comps and in doing so came across a few good articles, I recommend a read of Carl Sara’s recent blog at, he has managed to visit and involve himself with a number of events globally and has a thorough understanding of competitions and what can be gained from them. Also, flick across to Tristans blog – there is a bit there on Espresso, Cappuccino and Technical aspects of the contest and James Hoffman has written  a short exert on this too ( A good bit of information and perhaps motivation!

I have finally completed my Signature Beverage and am very pleased, it seems quite a process to get something palatable and that the judges will enjoy. Thanks to the chefs that helped me with this drink – to be honest, I don’t think my first idea would have gone too well. After doing two full run-thrus today I am quietly confident on the whole deal, and thankfully, the music fits perfectly.

Cappuccino Pour

A few little tips for those still needing a bit of guidance. You can find around the web a number of previous championships, make friends with some previous champions and get their input. The rules are posted online, and if you search enough you can find the distinctive changes in the rules along with a number of helpful resources including what judges are actually looking for for each point – I know this helped me!

So have a good one, remember to practise, and if your in Auckland I will see you all in a week!


Pause and Appreciate,


Introducing 15twentyfive

Hi All,

15twentyfive is a frequently updated blog site that will detail my personal experiences with many forms of coffee. My intention is to regularly post various stories on roasts, brews, blends and the general day to day functions of the barista.

The name arises from a personal obsession I have with the 15ml Ristretto at a 25 Second extraction – still a favourite of mine.

Personally,  I have been “Barista-ing” for some 8 years now in a number of small to large cafe’s around Auckland, New Zealand. Most recently, at a Cafe/Roastery where we would produce in excess of 600-700 coffee’s per day. These days I am roasting coffee for the newly founded Merito Espresso.

Anyway – that is me. Please feel free to drop me a reply and have a chat.

 Myself at Work/Play