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In Memory Of…


Early on Tuesday morning Mr Ronald Chippindale was killed after being struck by a car near his home in Porirua, Wellington.

Ronald Chippindale, most commonly known for his investigative work on the Erebus crash in 1979, was far more than that to his much loving family and friends.

Ronald Chippindale was a Husband, Father, Brother, Grandpa, Uncle and Cousin. His family loved and adored him. He was a great man! 


As Grandson to Ron Chippindale, it is with great sorrow that I see such a man of stature, integrity, servant-hood, and love leave our lives. Grandpa was a great inspiration to me, and it is only now with his passing that I truly feel the extent of who he was. Many character defining traits of his I seek to grow in my own life. Grandpa was one of those men that I can attribute to the shaping of my life, one I looked up to and aspired to be like.

In loving memory of the man that was, in all he was.

Hans J Pronk

Coffee Comps


It’s that time in New Zealand now; all the competitors are getting their applications in for what should be an interesting year of coffee performances. New Zealand’s 2008 Barista Championship is lining up to be an intriguing few months with a number of former competitors leaving it be this round. It’s anyone’s game – just make sure you practice!

The regional dates are,

Christchurch – Tuesday March 11th :: C4 Roastery in Christchurch

Auckland – Saturday 5th April :: Allpress Roastery in Auckland.

Wellington – Sunday 20th April :: Coffee Supreme Roastery in Wellington

…and the Nationals,

National Final – Sunday 18th May :: Caffe L’affare College Street Wellington

As always, barista’s will be required to provide judges with excellently crafted cappuccino’s, espresso’s and the culinary delight of the signature beverage. I look forward to the array of unique drinks that are created. Also, barista’s must remember to hone their technical skills to ensure maximum points.

All the best everyone.

Watch last years WOLRD BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIP finals here 

Have fun,