Auckland Barista Champs… 39 hours 49minutes…

With now less than 2 days before the Auckland regional Barista Championship it is getting all the more exciting. The venue is due to take form tomorrow in what looks to be a promising design utilising the facilities of the Allpress Roastery.


 It has been a long journey practicing the routine, but with help from some key players I have managed to perfect my skills and gain enough understanding of the presentaion environment to calm my nerves.

Now understanding that the GB5’s to be used are 2 group machine and not 3’s I am glad i had a look around. Also I was able to take a glimpse at the Christchurch environment which helped me out, that and a sneak peak at Lui’s routine. Thanks …

With the help of some constructive criticism I have been given the opportunity to perfect my routine. I am thankful for the advice, and the chance to check where my nerves were at.  I look forward to Saturday. I will post some more after the comps but for now it’s time for more routine prep!!!.


Take it easy

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