Competition Prep!!!

With 3 weeks to go the pressure is building a little more for the Auckland heats on the 5th April. With Lui and Raj through to the nationals after their performances in Christchurch – it is now time for the Northern Region to build up their routine and get their game face on.

I am starting to get the jitters now after cupping so many coffees! Especially so when identifying the cappuccino as I was persistant in consuming the entire cup until I was certain with the flavour profile. The goal was to accurately pinpoint the essential flavours in all 3 drink varietals.

I suppose I am fortunate though to have near on the exact set up to practice on at my disposal. It has given me a lot of practice time – woohoo!!!

 Comp Practice Set Up

My signature drink has gone through a number of enhancements since its conception – but I think I have finally got it (one less thing to worry about). However, I am still finalising the cappuccino section of the routine, a little more effort than I anticipated, especially when I decided to alter the blend I was using. I think I have it about right – we’ll see!

Cappuccino Pull

All the best to my fellow competitors – it should be a lot of fun on the day and I am sure we will see a number of new and exciting beverages and performances.

Rock On!!!

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